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Disadvantages with Too many PST Files: 'Excess of Everything is Harmful' this proverb goes with the situation you face when using MS Outlook for long and have many PST files. Continuous work with Microsoft Outlook will bring rapid increase the number of PST files which in turn cause serious problems. Given below are the problems caused with too many Outlook PST files:

  • Transferring Email Data would not be Easy: It would be difficult for you to transfer email data from previous using PC to the new one instead it is easy to send one PST file.
  • Search is an Issue: For a single info search, you need to open and check every PST file which is another time consuming job.
  • Handling Data is Difficult: To handle too much PST data is difficult to handle. Data gets messed up and you do not find data genuinely when you in need for it.

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Merge Multiple PST Files into One: In order to be away from all these problems, use PST Merge software, which will help you to merge Outlook archive PST, multiple PST file merge, merge multiple Outlook calendar etc into one PST file. The software works well with all Outlook versions like 98, 2000 & specially Outlook 2010 bit 64. Also, it works smoothly with most Windows versions. This third-party solution is efficient and highly diligent software even to merge Outlook archive files together into new PST files of corresponding item.

Unique Features of PST Merge Software

  • Merge any five PST files FREE at any time, one mouse is require
  • Our Tool allows you to merge Outlook 2010 bit 64 supportive PST.
  • No file size limit, support both ANSI and Unicode Outlook PST files