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If you are Personal Assistant to your boss and using E Drive then you must be storing data like:

  • Daily Office Expenses
  • Electricity Bills
  • Personal Information of all the employees in Office
  • Salary Records of employees
  • Employee Records
  • Daily Attendance Records

The listed above data is highly confidential and critical on company's part, so you have taken backup of your data in E Drive. Taking backup is considered as one of the safest solution in case of any problem with original data.

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Original Data in E Drive Lost

    You have lost data in E Drive because of:
  • Mistakenly Deletion
  • Corruption due to reasons like virus attack, Trojan infection etc.

How to Recover E Drive Backup Files?

If this is the situation, then use back up data as you have prepare salaries as date for the same is approaching and to meet all the expenses towards the end of the month. For corrupted E Drive backup recovery process and to recover E Drive backup, use external software like BKF Recovery software. With this software, it is defensive to employ E Drive backup recovery process. You will be able to recover E Drive database from backup in little time.